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There is a place for you!


Community theaters need more than actors, dancers, or directors. If you can sew or put together a costume, paint a backdrop, build steps or tables, place furniture, produce sound effects or run audio or video equipment, we need you.


And if you are an interested novice, you might be introduced and learn from a craftsman or lighting expert or costumer, or any of the other experienced volunteers that we enlist to put on a production.


You might fill one of these many necessary positions: actor, artist, choreographer, dancer, costume designer, director, house manager, lighting designer, marketing/publicity, music director, playwright, musician, set designer, set builder, sound designer, stage manager, technical director, properties manager, carpenter, electrician, makeup artist, hair stylist, prop manager. If you think you might want to join Union County’s theater community, get in touch at



Playmakers holds auditions weeks, sometimes months, before the production. Because we are truly committed to engaging the whole community, auditions are open to anyone. We have cast first-time thespians and seasoned performers.  We try to make auditions fun rather than stressful.  Over the course of a season, chances are there will be a production that needs someone just your age and your skill set.  Follow Union County Playmakers on Facebook to ensure that you never miss an opportunity.  


Youth Theater

Playmakers partners with area organizations to provide programming for summer camps for young people. For example, in 2017, and now 2018, we are working with the Monroe Parks and Recreation on a five-day camp held at the Monroe Armory. Campers will be identified by Parks and Recreation and will be involved in creating and producing theater for an audience of family and friends by week’s end. 



According to the American Alliance for Theater and Education, drama improves academic performance. Numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between drama involvement and academic achievement. In addition to having higher standardized test scores than their peers who do not experience the arts, student who participate in drama often experience improved reading comprehension, maintain better attendance records, and stay generally more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts. Schools with arts-integrated programs, even in low-income areas, report high academic achievement. Playmakers has as one of its goals to involve students in productions and programs. In addition to academic performance, we believe anyone exposed to theater has a better understanding of others and of themselves. Creativity is engaged and expanded. To that end, this season, there are plans to work with Parks and Recreation, Wingate University and South Piedmont Community College, and local schools to ensure students have opportunities to participate in community theater.



Theater is good medicine. It stimulates the mind and body, keeps you alert and active, and it’s fun. Playmakers looks for opportunities to bring theater to seniors and to include programming by and for seniors. Many productions have roles for senior actors and we are always hoping for invitations from the senior community to perform or create an event for them.  Almost all of our volunteer opportunities are options for our seniors. Join us!



Where is your theatre?

The Union County Playmakers are happy to announce we have a new home! We are located at Monroe Crossings Mall at 2115 W. Roosevelt Blvd., Monroe, NC 28110. 

We love to perform out in the community too! If your church, school, or organization has a performance space that might be available, let us know at


How can I get involved?

The Union County Playmakers is a non-profit community theater run by volunteers. However, we hire Directors, Music Directors, Choreographers, Stage Managers, and Production Coordinators for our shows on a contract, per show basis.


If you would like to be considered for a position, please forward your resume to and in the subject of the email, please specify the position(s) for which you are interested.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Union County Playmakers is a non-profit community theater run by volunteers. We are always looking for dependable people who are interested in donating their time. We need help in many areas to include: administration, marketing, costumes, set construction, props, backstage, ushering, and more.


If you would like to be a volunteer, let us know by emailing us at



The Union County Playmakers is a community theater and we are always interested in hearing your suggestions. If you have an idea for our next show or how we might better serve Union County, we would love to hear from you. Email your suggestions to




Receiving a lifetime achievement award.


Ginger Heath


Playmakers Vice President, Former President, American Association of Community Theater Lifetime Achievement Award winner, actor, producer/director


I have always been in theatre of some sort so it is simply part of who I am. Participating in theatre as an actor is thrilling, frightening, challenging, educational, and satisfying. As a director, it is instructive, stimulating, and rewarding. Both require strict discipline. As an organizational leader/board member the reward is in helping bring live theatre to our community both through the opportunity to actively participate and to entertain our regional audiences.  Live theatre puts it all on the line. There are no retakes! Knowing that I have had a part of creating something that will influence or change the lives of so many is a profound responsibility and tremendous reward.


As Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe in Smoke on the Mountain.


Winston Sims


Actor, Director, theater arts faculty Union County Public Schools


I do community theatre because it can bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to work with and learn from each other.


As stage manager on Smoke on the Mountain.


Kayla Baresich


Stage manager, high school student, actor


I do theatre because I love to create something out of nothing! The groups of people you get to work with are incredibly talented and driven, and they make theatre such a joy to do.


In rehearsal with fellow actor Karen Erbe.


Steve Clyburn


House spouse, retiree, actor, singer


Being in local theatre is a great opportunity to share the talents of peers and neighbors and bring moments of entertainment, joy, and great fun to our community.